As people spend more time indoors, Marvin recognizes that their work isn’t just about building better windows and doors—it’s about opening new possibilities for how people live, work, think and feel inside a Marvin space. Since the day they opened our doors in 1912 as a family-owned and -operated cedar and lumber company, they’ve looked for ways to help people live better. They continue to evolve by raising the bar, building quality, beauty and simplicity into people’s everyday lives.

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What is a replacement window?

A replacement window replaces your builder grade window. Builder grade windows are usually made of aluminum, wood or vinyl, and have nailing fins that are attached to the framing of the home before the walls are finished out. They are usually made with the lowest cost materials so the builder can make the biggest profit. They are low in quality and known for the following things: lacking energy efficiency, being drafty and letting dust and allergens in, being easy to break into, experiencing seal failure, going foggy, and generally not operating well or adding to the curb appeal of the home. When you replace these windows, you don’t want to tear off parts of your wall, so you would use a replacement window
that sits inside the pocket of the wall opening.

Replacement windows are designed to solve many of the problems of builder grade windows. They are
built with longer lasting materials and use modern glass technology such as argon gas inside the glass
and Low-E to keep the heat and cold at bay. They also protect you from unwanted UV light which can
damage your home. They have better operation and locking mechanisms and often add value to the
home and increase its’ curb appeal.

Why would I want to replace my builder grade windows and doors?

The truth is that you are paying for the cost of replacement windows whether you have them or not. Each year you are spending 15%-45% more on your utility bill than you should be paying, due to the inefficiency of your current windows. This is the same money you could be using to pay for your new windows which would yield an increase in the value and the comfort of your home. Not only that, but the old windows are allowing dangerous UV light into your home that damage your floors, artwork, and
every other susceptible item that the sun shines on through your windows. There is a much longer list of problems that occur with builder grade windows and doors, and often, the long-term cost of keeping these builder grade products will outweigh the cost of replacing them. Aside from that, a good replacement window and door will bring you added security, energy savings, comfort, peace of mind, a quieter home, and will keep your precious furniture, artwork, and floors from fading.

If I am going to replace my windows and doors, how do I know what product or company to use?

This is the toughest question to answer. If you do enough research online you will end up completely confused. There are plenty of organizations out there that will rank and rate companies, but rarely compare these companies to their competitors so you can really know what you’re getting for your hard-earned money. Most people are asking the wrong questions, and if a company does not have much integrity, they may not help you to get the answers you really need. SunSmart offers a true consultation that educates the homeowner on what is out there and what questions to ask. We also sell every major brand and material of windows at all price points, so we have something for everyone. Because of this we can assure best in class pricing and guarantees for our products and services that far
surpass our competition.

How important is the installation?

Without a good installation, the best window and door in the world will do you very little good. I can’t stress this enough. The installation is as important as the window itself. Also, it is very rare that a company will use actual employees to do the installation, although many will tell you that they do. Here is a shocker, they don’t have to be employees of the company to do a great job, but they do have to do a great job. Here are some things you can ask for added peace of mind: Are they experts in this one thing, or do they do other home improvements besides windows and doors? Are they insured? How long have they been installing? Have they been vetted? Is the installation covered under your warranty? Are they clean and polite? Have they been background tested? SunSmart uses the best installers in DFW. Ask us about our vetting process. We had to kiss a lot of frogs over the last decade to do it, but we did it, and now we are known for facilitating an excellent installation.

How do I know if the warranty is good?

First of all, you don’t need a good warranty, you need a good product and a good installation! If the product and the installation are superior, chances are, you will never even need to use your warranty. SunSmart only sells quality products that have been proven over the test of time. I have noticed in the industry, the cheaper the product, the better the warranty has to claim to be in order to sell it. And many companies do that. They make up their own warranties for windows in order to sell them, and then they go out of business in a few years and leave the customer hanging out to dry. I am sorry to say it, but it seems to be true, you get what you pay for. Also, please read your warranty. Most people don’t, and some of the “lifetime warranties” companies offer are completely bogus once you read the fine print. If the company warranty says it is for a double lifetime, and it promises to cover everything that could possibly happen... you might want to look at the manufacturer’s warranty! SunSmart does not play any of these games. We only offer true manufacturer warranties and not warranties of our own. After all, many of these manufacturers are billion-dollar companies and have been in business for 80-100 years. We want you taken care of no matter what could happen, and relying on the manufacturers warranty is the way to do that.

Do I need a name brand product?

You don’t need a name brand product; you only need what you think a name brand product will bring you. In other words, you need a good quality product, a good installation, a good warranty, and good customer service. I understand that most people feel comfortable using a company that they have heard of or that has been around for a long time. Unfortunately, most of these companies know this, and they use it to charge a premium price for an otherwise not so premium product.

There are many companies out there that make superior quality products, but they don’t have the billions to spend on advertising. I have seen people make the mistake of paying too much for a lower quality product just because of the name brand awareness. Once you understand the industry, it is easy to pick a winner.

Will I get my money back when I sell my home?

The wonderful thing about windows is, that they are an investment and not an expense. Going to McDonalds and buying a cheeseburger is an expense. Once you eat it, it is gone. Windows increase the value of your home which can be recouped when you sell it, or the extra value can be utilized if you want to borrow against the home and use the money for something else. With your home’s new added value, along with the new energy savings, windows often pay for themselves. The Cost vs Value National Report has shown a 60%-101% return on investments for window replacements when you sell your home. Not to mention the 10-year energy savings can easily be in the thousands to tens of thousands of dollars in savings. This all adds up. Also, it is important to note that the as of 2024, the Federal Government offers tax credits for people doing window replacements that meet certain energy standards which is another reason to consider a window replacement.

Will I get my money back through energy savings?

The short answer is yes. Eventually even a dollar a month in savings with add up over time. A new window and door project should save you a healthy portion of your utility bill, and that is not just me talking. There are plenty of independent studies, and government studies that say so. Try the energy star website and the Remodeling Magazine Cost Vs Value Report. The Energy Star Partners Program proves that new windows save you money on your utility bills.

Is replacing my windows and doors a smart move?

In my humble opinion, replacing your windows and doors is one of the best investments you can make in your home. In over a decade of selling windows, I have never had one client regret getting new windows. After all, it is your first line of defense from the weather. It is your first line of defense from a break-in. It is the only home improvement visible from both the inside and outside of your home. And it is one of the best things you can do for reducing your energy bill and making your home quieter and more comfortable. So, go ahead and get the right window and door for your wants and needs. It is an amazing investment.


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